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 Does Health Endeavors offer a Conflicts of Interest Management Solution?
1  Does Health Endeavors offer an ACO Solution?
2  What is the Training Center?
3  What types of questions are submitted to the Coding Corner?
4  What is the Resource Center?
5  What is the tracker entitled "Medical Director Hours"?
6  What is Entity Tracker (Corporate Document Management)?
7  What software solutions are available in the Tracking Center?

Does Health Endeavors offer a Conflicts of Interest Management Solution?
Yes, the program provides a comprehensive solution for the disclosure, review and reporting process. Ability to customize your questionnaires, response fields and annual attestations.

1 Does Health Endeavors offer an ACO Solution?
Yes, Health Endeavors offers and ACO Turnkey Software Solution: Data Sharing Preferences, Patient Attribution Management, GPRO Reporting, Population Analytics, Training and Provider Engagement.

2 What is the Training Center?
Training Modules available 24/7 via online access for staff, physicians and Board of Director members. For Example: Emergency Medical Treatment & Active Labor Act (EMTALA), Title VII, FMLA, Stark Overview, Lease of Space Arrangement—Hospital & Physician, Physician On-Call Coverage, Physician Recruitment and Outreach Clinics

3 What types of questions are submitted to the Coding Corner?
Here's one example of a Coding Corner inquiry: I performed an incision and drainage in the office, which I think carries a 10-day global period. The patient returned in a few days with a new problem, unrelated to the I&D. Since the patient is in the global period, can I bill for this visit?

4 What is the Resource Center?
The Resource Center is an online reference database of (1) significant laws and regulations, including Stark Law and Anti-kickback Statute; (2) frequent reference topics, such as the guidelines for physician contract amendments; (3) forms, checklists, and frequently used letters to assist you in your day-to-day contract management; and (5) compliance documents.

5 What is the tracker entitled "Medical Director Hours"?
Medical Director Hours is a web-based tracker for an individual physician's medical-director hours. Each medical director is assigned a login to the website to enter their hours for each month. The medical director may also utilize the Internet browser on their phone to input their monthly medical-director hours.

6 What is Entity Tracker (Corporate Document Management)?
Entity Tracker is an online database that manages your corporate documents, including service mark and trade-name information. It provides an easy reference database of each entity's corporate data, trade names, addresses, board of directors information, ownership, registered agents, foreign registrations, and triggering events.

7 What software solutions are available in the Tracking Center?
Manage and track Contracts, Conflicts of Interest, Physician Non-Monetary Compensation, Medical Director Hours, Entity and Trade-Name Information and Physician Incentive Compensation & Quality Measures.


  • Hospital Admin Tools Center
    Contract & Entity Management Solution
    Conflict of Interest Tracker
    Physician Non-Monetary Compensation Tracker
    Medical Director Hours Tracker
  • Service Partners
    Create a network of business partners or Virtual MSO
  • Physician Alignment
    Training Center
    Communications Center
    Service Partners Network
    EMR Information Center

  • Training Center
    Customized online training modules with test assessment and completion reporting

    Target specific departments, boards and committees, such as L&D, Emergency, Radiology, credentialing committee and ER physicians
  • ACOCenter
    Efficient implementation and management of your ACO

  • Physician Practice Solutions
    Coding Corner: submit online note audits and coding questions
    Contract & Entity Management Solution
    Payor & Medical Staff Credentials Management
    Training Center: Customized practice orientation modules
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