HealthE Partner Trust

Join our HealthE Partner Trust to consolidate EHR, lab, claims and patient-generated data.  Such consolidation results in the ability to auto-generate quality program compliance, analtyics and data-driven intelligent care management activities.   Once the trust is setup as a "trusted partner" with your organization, EHR Continuity of Care (CCD) records may flow freely between patients and providers.

"Smart Record"

Our vision is for every patient to have their "Smart Record" on their mobile devices.  The "Smart Record" is created by the consumer requesting their EHR Continuity of Care Document (CCD) from each provider setup in their OneTouchHealth portal.  The "Smart Record" in combination with EHR, lab, claims and patient-generated data shared in mass under programs such as BPCI, ACO, CIN, TPA/Self-Insured Employer, CPC+, commercial and other similar initiatives.  The "Smart Record" then generates Healthy Activities, care plans, secure messaging alerts and screenings for the consumer based on their diagnoses and other factors.  This repository then populates MIPS quality measures for the provider, patient risk stratification and other data analytics.

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