Virtual Care

What are the New Virtual Care Codes?

CMS new HCPCS codes for services to be covered under specific conditions:

  • Virtual Check-Ins, officially titled “Brief Communication Technology-Based Service”
  • Asynchronous Images and Video, officially titled “Remote Evaluation of Pre-Recorded Patient Information”


Virtual Check-Ins (HCPCS code GVCI1)

CMS added a new payment code to the physician fee schedule for “Brief Communication Technology-Based Service[s],” essentially meaning virtual check-in appointments. If adopted, providers could bill using HCPCS code GVCI1 for a “brief non-face-to-face check-in with a patient via communication technology, to assess whether the patient’s condition necessitates an office visit.”

Remote Evaluation - Images and Video (HCPCS GRAS1)

CMS second new code, HCPCS GRAS1, for “Remote Evaluation of Pre-Recorded Patient Information,” which would reimburse for a provider’s asynchronous review of “recorded video and/or images captured by a patient in order to evaluate the patient’s condition” and determine whether or not an office visit is necessary.  This type of review is also referred to as “store-and-forward” communication technology.


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