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Analysis outside the point of care is not as effective as actionable data at the point of care. Staffing care management is expensive and inconsistent. Why generate a thousand row excel sheet when actionable data can easily be put at the fingertips of primary care providers?

It's not complicated or expensive.

What is it?

EHR Connector-Actionable Data-Point of Care

Health Endeavors' EHR Connector puts actionable data in front of the provider’s team at the point of care. A provider using the connector knows if a patient is above their financial benchmark when the patient is in their clinic.

The provider and their staff login to the EHR, opens the patient record and clicks on ACO patient history while on the patient record. The provider gets instant feedback on ACO status. The patient is at the point of care to resolve gaps in care and discuss controlling unmanaged conditions. Quality is not guesswork as indicators call out Action Required areas.

This is connected care using actionable data. The patient is then enrolled in medical text alerts before they leave the provider's clinic. This assists the provider in setting up future appointments to manage wellness, disease protocols, and future gaps in care.

In early 2018, Health Endeavors’ “Get Your Health Record” mobile app was approved by Medicare to receive 4 years of claims history (weekly updates) for 50+ million beneficiaries to participate in the medical text alerts platform.

An example Medical Text Alert is when a diabetic patient gets a text alert about their labs, exams and other tests being due to complete. Or a medication alert about an unfilled prescription prescribed to manage a condition. Or if engaging in remote monitoring of blood pressure, an alert your blood pressure has been in an unhealthy range for an extended period.

Provider Smart Scorecard.

The data generated by the patient and provider is processed and populates a quality and financial scorecard available on the web.


50+ Million Medicare Claims History Records (Medicare Blue Button/FHIR)

200+ Million Electronic Health Records (Direct Message + CCDA)

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