EHR Connector

APIs Push Data to Point of Care

Our EHR Connector technology uses application program interfaces (APIs) and patient match technology to push critical data to the EHR located at the point of care to keep the provider apprised of healthy activities and quality measure screenings completed by the patient at the next face-to-face visit.  Providers are presented with a menu of selections.

Patient Chart

All data sources combined to provide a full history of patient encounters, including prescriptions.  See date of service, procedure, visit reason, provider seen, prescribing provider or pharmacy used to fill prescriptions.

Patient Profile

Quick summary consolidating the data silos of EHR, Claims, and Laboratory.

Quality Metrics

Quick view of status of patient's quality measures; e.g. Qualified Registry, GPRO, HEDIS.

Gaps in Care

Based on patient diagnosis, the tool presents to the provider the patients gaps in care; e.g. needs wellness visit, labs, retinal exam or other preventive care services.

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