Get Your Health Record

Things to Complete - Healthy Activities

Actionable data-driven intelligent text message notifications to patient to complete disease, wellness and quality gaps in care.

Things to Complete - Your Health

Personalized care plan based on patient's diagnosis, age, gender or clinical procedure.  Educational videos, screenings and health-related articles. 

My Journal

A journal for daily entry of goals, comments about their day and tracking of BP, BMI, glucose and weight.

Smart Record

Consumer requests their electronic health record using their direct message account or Medicare beneficiaries sync their health information using Medicare Blue Button.

How we help providers:

  • Interoperability/Nationwide Health Information Exchange
  • Quality measure performance
  • Actionable data-driven intelligent text message notifications 
  • Eliminate or reduce medical record copy costs
  • Mobile Telehealth

Why Mobile Health Record?

  • We are mobile
  • All health records from all providers in ONE place
  • Share important health information with family members, a new doctor, caretaker or a medical emergency team.
  • Electronic health record gets lost (no backup)
  • Record may be inaccurate (consumer needs to verify accuracy)
  • Move/Change Jobs (change providers)
  • Put data to work to generate text message notifications
  • Child goes off to college
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